Automobile & Trucking Liability

Levy & Pruett has achieved considerable success defending individuals, businesses, insurers, and government entities in cases arising from automobile and commercial trucking accidents. We work with insurers and self-insureds aggressively defending against claims of negligence in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our firm has successfully defended owners and operators of tractor-trailers, school buses, tour buses, fire engines, dump trucks, ambulances, sanitation trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

We begin each case with a thorough review of the accident. We have personally conducted on-scene investigations of crashes involving large commercial vehicles and post-accident site reviews. We then combine the specific facts of each crash and analysis of witness interviews with our knowledge of state law and, if applicable, relevant federal motor carrier safety regulations, to formulate our defense strategy.

We have an established network of accident reconstructionists, engineers, and medical experts to assist in the investigation, evaluation, and defense of these claims. We communicate with our clients regularly, updating them with our assessment of the advantages, risks, and projected costs of litigation. Our attorneys have many years of experience in negotiating settlements, winning summary judgment, and prevailing in front of juries throughout Georgia. We are seasoned trial lawyers with a winning record in court, a passion for what we do, and a willingness to represent our clients at affordable rates.

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