DeKalb Jury Awards $350,000 for Non-Surgical Disc Injury

Case Caption:  Maynard v. Domin, Civil Action No: 08A99114
Court:  State Court of DeKalb County
Judge:  Honorable Edward E. Carriere, Jr.
Plaintiff’s Attorneys:   Charles H. McAleer, The McAleer Law Firm, Decatur, GA                               
Defendants’ Attorneys: Joseph D. Perrotta, Alpharetta, GA
Alleged Damages: L4-L5 Disc Bulge with Nerve Root Impingement and Annular Tear at L5-S1.  Medical Expenses $53,604    
Verdict: Plaintiff awarded $350,000
Date of Verdict: May 20, 2010    

Defendant admitted liability in this intersection collision with Plaintiff Lucinda Maynard’s vehicle.   Plaintiff, a 49-year-old real estate appraiser, was able to drive her vehicle home but sought treatment in a local emergency room a few hours later.  Plaintiff’s treating physician testified that she would continue to need epidural steroid injections to control pain for the foreseeable future.  The Defendant unsuccessfully argued that Plaintiff’s pain stemmed from a subsequent fall and that her ability to lift heavy objects contradicted her claims of the severity of injury.
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