Donaldson v. DOT

Donaldson v. DOT, State Court of Fulton County
Civil Action File No. 03SV058225J
Defense Verdict: March, 2006.

This case arose out of the same series of collisions as the Fraker case, but it was tried separately, in front of a different judge and jury. Two individuals were injured and a young woman was killed on the ramp from Georgia 400 southbound to I-285 eastbound. Plaintiffs in this case were the parents of the woman who was killed, a woman in her early twenties who had just graduated from college. They, too, sued DOT for the negligent design and maintenance of the work zone, alleging that the crash was caused by confusing striping, lack of lighting, and the failure to warn of a short taper into I-285 eastbound. They, too, had the police photographs of the striping that had been ground out, but was visible. As the parents of the decedent were divorced, each was represented by separate counsel. The parents asked the jury for several million dollars.

This case was tried in State Court. DOT argued that the signing complied with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and that the negligent driving of Ms. Donaldson and two other drivers constituted the proximate cause of the crash. The jury agreed.

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