Fulton County Jury Awards $1.4 Million Verdict for Fall on Escalator

Case CaptionWeeks v. MARTA et al., Civ. Action No. 2008CV160899
Court:  Fulton County Superior Court
Judge:  Honorable Cynthia D. Wright
Plaintiff’s Attorneys:  Joseph A. Fried, Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLC
Michael L. Goldberg, Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLC
Defendants' Attorneys: Thomas G. Sampson, II, Thomas, Kennedy, Sampson, and Tompkins
Kevin T. Shires, Vernis & Bowling    
Alleged Damages:   Broken Leg, Surgery required
Verdict: Plaintiff awarded $1.4 Million
Date of Verdict: January, 2011


55-year-old Patricia Weeks sued MARTA, Schindler Elevator Corp. and Elevator Specialists Inc. after a fall on an escalator crowded with football fans headed to the 2007 Chick-fil-A Bowl at the Georgia Dome.  Rowdy fans were jumping up and down on the escalator before it suddenly stopped then reversed direction.  Weeks’ leg was severely fractured when it became caught between the stairs and the falling crowd.  Plaintiff alleged that the Defendants had failed to properly test the escalator’s brakes. 

Defendants MARTA and Schindler joined forces, pointing the finger at Co-Defendant Elevator Specialists Inc.  The strategy backfired.  The jury rendered a verdict of $1.4 Million in Plaintiff’s favor, assigning 45 percent of the liability to MARTA, 55 percent to Schindler, and 0 to Elevator Specialists Inc. 
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