Fulton County Jury Finds for Defense in Trip and Fall Case

Case Caption:  Spicer v. Regal Cinemas, Inc. and Brent Zeppenfeld
Civil Action Number: 2009CV171697
Court:  Fulton County Superior Court
Judge:  Honorable Constance C. Russell
Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Richard C. Mitchell, Mitchell & Shapiro, LLP
Defendant’s Attorneys: William W. Briggs, W. Winston Briggs Law Firm
Alleged Damages: Dislocated humerus fracture necessitating surgical repair; over $100,000 medical damages.
Verdict: Defense Verdict
Date of Verdict: November 28, 2011

Summary:  Plaintiff, a 60-year-old woman, attended a movie with her husband at Defendant Regal Cinemas in Alpharetta.  After the movie, while the credits were rolling, Plaintiff tripped and fell as she tried to exit the theater.  Plaintiff argued that Defendants were negligent in failing to provide adequate lighting, however, they had no expert testimony to rebut Defendant’s expert that the lighting complied with all applicable codes.

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