Fulton Jury Awards $1.14 Million in Trip and Fall Case

Case CaptionMiriam Nicole Hancock v. City of Atlanta
Court:  Fulton County Superior Court
Judge:  Honorable John Goger
Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Donald P. Edwards, Law Office of Donald P. Edwards
Mary Carole Cooney              
Defendant’s Attorneys: Laura Sauriol, City of Atlanta
Serena L. Sparks, The Sparks Firm, LLC
Alleged Damages: Broken bones and torn tendons in ankle; multiple surgeries
Verdict: Plaintiff awarded $1,144,750.00
Date of Verdict: February 25, 2011

Plaintiff Miriam N. Hancock, a 33-year-old manager of a downtown Atlanta placement agency, was walking in a crosswalk on Pryor Street near Underground Atlanta when one of her heels became wedged in some cracked pavement.  Plaintiff fell forward, breaking bones and tearing tendons in her ankle, necessitating 5 surgeries.

Plaintiff’s co-worker took a photograph of the cracked pavement, a condition that Plaintiff claimed the City had prior notice of, and which persisted for the next four years.  Plaintiff’s counsel told the jury that the $450.00 repair to the crosswalk was not performed by the City of Atlanta until just before trial.

The predominately female jury awarded only $2,499.00 in medical expenses, but $125,166.12 for lost wages and $1,017,084.88 for pain and suffering.

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