Governmental Liability & Transportation

Susan Levy has defended the Georgia Department of Transportation in personal injury and wrongful death cases for almost two decades. Originally as an Assistant Attorney General and currently as a Special Assistant Attorney General, Susan has defended the State of Georgia against allegations of negligence in such areas as road design, construction, maintenance, signalization, work zone traffic control, guardrail installation, and numerous other transportation issues.

Through Susan's representation of the Georgia DOT and several other large public and private entities, she has developed a proficiency in the principles of accident reconstruction and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, as well as numerous publications of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

Susan's expertise encompasses engineering issues and the legal issues involved in complex transportation litigation. Susan is proud of her ability to win in front of a jury, having won more than 90% of the cases she has tried. Consequently, Susan is consulted by lawyers and clients throughout the country for her expertise in transportation-related issues. Susan is also a member of the Transportation Lawyers Association.

Levy & Pruett's expertise extends beyond transportation. We have a strong command of immunity defenses available to all government defendants and successfully advocated on behalf of Georgia counties in cases arising out of police chases, intentional torts, and contract disputes.

Contact Levy & Pruett for outstanding representation against claims of negligent roadway design, and maintenance, as well as allegations of negligence by government actors.

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