Gwinnett County Jury Returns a Defense Verdict in Rear-End Collision

Case Caption:  Stephen J. Kanakanui and Stephen A. Kanakanui v. Leslie E. Brannon
Civil Action File Number: 10C-05613-4
Court:  Gwinnett County State Court
Judge:  Hon. Joseph C. Ianazzone
Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Richard N. Blevins, Jr., Rickman & Blevins
Defendant’s Attorneys:  Jonathan M. Adelman, Harper, Walden & Craig, Atlanta
Alleged Damages:  Stephen J. - $135,000 in medicals after multi-level spinal fusion; Stephen A. - $11,650 in medicals for soft tissue neck and back injuries
Verdict: Defense verdict; high-low agreement gives the plaintiffs $30,000
Date of Verdict: October 19, 2011

A DUI driver rear-ended a 2001 Hyundai Elantra driven by Stephen J. Kanakanui.  His adult son, Stephen A. Kanakanui, was front seat passenger.  Despite the Defendant’s admission of fault and DUI, a Gwinnett County jury returned a defense verdict.

The success of the defense turned on the photographic evidence showing minimal damage to Plaintiffs’ vehicle and showing that the elder Kanakanui, a 350 pound smoker, had pre-existing spine problems.

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