Home-Cooked by a Telfair County Jury

Case Caption:  Raford and Virginia Horton v. Joseph Dennis, et al., Civil Action File No. 09-CV-252
Court:  Telfair County Superior Court
Judge:  Hon. H. Frederick Mullis, Jr.
Plaintiffs’ Attorneys:  Katherine McArthur, Law Firm of Kathy MacArthur, Macon
Defendants’ Attorneys: Robert C. Semler, Buckley, Brown, Atlanta; John K. Train, IV, Weinberg Wheeler, Atlanta.
Alleged Damages:  Crushed Pelvis, Hip and Knee Replacements, 12 Surgeries
Verdict: $2.8 million
Date of Verdict: 9/30/11

63-year-old Raford E. Horton, owner of a local Telfair County wrecker service, was driving his wrecker when he was struck head-on by a jack-knifed tractor-trailer skidding down the roadway.  Plaintiffs filed suit against the truck driver, his employer, the common carrier that leased the tractor trailer to the employer, and the common carrier’s insurer, alleging that the driver was speeding, following too closely, and operating a trailer with defective brakes.

The initial battle was waged over venue, with the Plaintiffs living in Telfair County while the Defendants wanted the case transferred to Putnam County, where Defendants were based.  Plaintiffs prevailed and were generously rewarded by a jury that knew them, knew Mr. Horton’s good reputation as a businessman in Telfair County, and were familiar with the facts of the crash.  In legal parlance, the Defendants were home-cooked!

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