Insurance Coverage

Levy & Pruett is often called upon by insurers to provide professional opinions on a multitude of insurance coverage issues. We consistently produce timely opinion letters that thoroughly analyze questions of coverage and present informed recommendations to our clients. This enables our clients to make reasoned and fair decisions concerning their policyholders.

We have considerable experience in providing this unique service in the area of insurance defense. We have examined and written opinions on a variety of issues, including stacking of coverage and priority of payment in uninsured motorist claims, reservation of rights, preservation of policy defenses, apportionment of claims involving multiple first-party property coverage, and the effect of policy conditions and exclusions.

Levy & Pruett also provides its clients with the sound legal counsel necessary to avoid claims of bad faith. To resolve coverage disputes, we file declaratory judgment actions when appropriate throughout the State of Georgia.

We also assist insurers pursuing subrogation. Our clients often seek reimbursement from at-fault third parties after making a payment to an insured under first-party coverage. From initiating the subrogation claim to filing an action in court, we do whatever is necessary to secure the recovery.

You can download Lee's paper, Serving Two Masters: Duties Owed to the Insured and the Insurer in Potential Policy Limits Cases and Coverage Disputes, here.

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