Jury Sides with MARTA: No Proximate Cause

Case CaptionJack L. Cole v. MARTA and George Thrasher, Civil Action No.: 2008 CV 15502
Court:  State Court of Fulton County
Judge:  Honorable Susan E. Edlein
Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Thomas C. Sinowoski, Freeman & Sinowski, P.C.
Scott S. Cohen, Freeman & Sinowski, P.C.
Jill Cassert, Freeman & Sinowski, P.C.
Defendants’ Attorney: Donald Philip Edwards, The Law Office of Donald P. Edwards
Alleged Damages: Soft tissue injuries to cervical and lumbar spine.  Plaintiff claimed $50,000 lost wages and $6,400 past medicals.
Verdict: Defense Verdict
Date of Verdict:   January 26, 2010    

A 48-year-old male riding a motorcycle was rear-ended while he was stopped at a traffic signal.  Defendants admitted liability but argued that Plaintiff’s alleged injuries were all pre-existing and not proximately caused by this collision.  The jury agreed.

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