North Carolina Jury Awards Huge Verdict in TASER Case Brought by Parents of 17-Year-Old

Case Caption:  Devoid Turner & Tammy Lou Fontenot vs. TASER International, Inc.
Civil Action File Number 3:10-CV-00125-RJC-DCK
Court:  United States District Court, Western District of North Carolina
Judge:  Honorable Robert J. Conrad, Jr.
Plaintiff’s Attorneys: John F. Baker and Peter T. Cathcart, Magana, Cathcart & McCarthy, Los Angeles, California; John Christopher Burton, The Law Offices Of John Burton, Pasadena, California; Charles A. Everage, Charlotte, North Carolina
Defendant’s Attorneys:  Kathleen Marie Anderson, Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Michael A. Brave and Holly L. Gibeaut, TASER International, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona for Taser International, Inc.
Alleged Damages: Wrongful death.  Plaintiffs’ 17-year-old son collapsed and died after being shocked in the chest by a Taser.
Verdict: $10,000,000.
Date of Verdict: July 21, 2011

Summary:  Devoid and Tammy Lou Fontenot sued TASER International for the negligent failure to warn that discharging its X26 model electronic control device into a person’s chest near the heart poses a substantial risk of cardiac arrest.  Plaintiffs’ healthy 17-year-old son collapsed and died after being tased in the chest by a police officer in a North Carolina supermarket.  The autopsy showed the teenager’s heart was pumping so fast and irregularly from the TASER that it stopped pumping blood regularly.  Defendant TASER International is appealing the verdict.

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