The defense of nuisance claims presents unique challenges. Government entities, commercial and individual property owners, and lessees may be charged with having created or maintained conditions alleged to have damaged adjoining property owners or other individuals. It may be alleged, for example, that the defendant’s construction activities caused flooding on adjacent property. The attorneys at Levy & Pruett possess the litigation skill and technical expertise to defend these cases.

Levy & Pruett works with its network of investigators, surveyors, and engineers, to provide an aggressive yet cost-effective defense of nuisance claims. We consistently achieve successful results. Through prompt and thorough investigation and discovery, we position each case at the earliest opportunity to make an informed recommendation on whether to negotiate a settlement or proceed to trial. Our experience enables us to assess damages, narrow the issues, and, when possible, seek summary judgment. We also have the experience, skill, and litigation support necessary to aggressively defend appropriate cases at trial.

We are seasoned trial lawyers who use state-of-the-art courtroom technology to obtain successful outcomes for our clients from juries state-wide.

For preeminent representation in the defense of nuisance claims, contact Levy & Pruett.

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