Soft Tissue Injuries Yield $750,000 From Chatham County Jury

Case Caption:  Melissa Osteen v. Memorial Health Transport One, Inc., Civil Action File No. STCV0901655-CO
Court: Chatham County State Court
Judge:  Honorable Herman W. Coolidge Jr.
Plaintiff’s Attorneys: Roy R. Kelly IV, Kelly & Kelly, Savannah; Owen C. Murphy, Inglesby, Falligant, Horne, Courington & Chisholm, Savannah
Defendant’s Attorneys: R. Patrick White, Casey Gilson, Atlanta
Alleged Damages: Soft tissue injuries to plaintiff’s neck and back
Verdict: $750,000
Date of Verdict: July 19, 2011

Summary:  A 26-year-old operating room nurse was driving her minivan when she was sideswiped by an ambulance owned by the hospital where she happened to be employed.  The ambulance was not running with lights and sirens at the time of the accident.  The impact forced the minivan onto the curb, but caused little property damage.  The defense admitted liability.

Plaintiff claimed that she suffered severe neck and back pain which had required 16 epidural injections, at a cost of $14,000 per series of injections.  After two hours of deliberation, the jury award Plaintiff $750,000.

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