Worker Injured While Building IKEA Store Awarded $2 Million for Shattered Knee

Case Caption:  Hall v. Vratsinas Construction Company, Civ. Action No.: 2007 EV001866
Court:  State Court of Fulton county
Judge:  Hon. Myra Dixon
Plaintiff’s Attorneys: John W. Sherrod, Sherrod & Bernard
Defendant’s Attorneys: Charles R. Beans, Shivers & Associates
Alleged Damages: Fractured Knee
Verdict: $2 million
Date of Verdict: September 16, 2011

Plaintiff, 31-year-old Brad Hall, worked for Consumer Security Systems, one of many subcontractors building the IKEA Store at Atlantic Station under the supervision of Defendant Vratsinas Construction Co.  While standing on a ladder tossing wires through a ceiling grid, Plaintiff lost his balance and fell.  The parties disputed how far he actually fell.  Plaintiff was diagnosed with a fractured and dislocated left knee which culminated in several surgeries, a staph infection, a total knee replacement, and $300,000 of past medical expenses.

Due to the workers comp bar, both IKEA and Consumer Security Systems were dismissed from the case.  Vratsinas argued that it had been hired as IKEA’s construction manager for the construction of the shell of the building, but that IKEA retained the right and responsibility over all remaining work.  Specifically, Vratsinas argued that it had no supervisory responsibility over or contractual relationship with Consumer Security Systems and its employees who had chosen how to perform their work and what ladders to use.  Three witnesses, however, testified that a Vratsinas supervisor told Consumer Security Systems’ employees to use the ladder to perform the task, rather than a scissors lift.

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